Hi Density Mobile Shelving

Hi Density Mobile Shelving

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    Maximize your filing space with a minimum of floor space .

    Our unique Ultralite touch operation makes it easier to move a Hi-Density System than to open and close a typical file cabinet. Hi-Density Systems can be customized to meet a wide variety of requirements. We feature a broad range of finishes to compliment any decor. Let us tailor a system for you.

    Hi-Density Systems are suitable for a variety of applications such as:
    - Automobile Parts
    - Medical Record Storage
    - End Tab Folders
    - Office Supplies
    - Warehousing
    - Pharmaceutical Supplies
    - Books, Binders, and Magazines
    - Small Parts, Supplies & Inventory Items
    - Golf Clubs
    - X-ray and MRI Film
    - Weapon Storage

    - 5 Colors available
    - For more information and pricing, call 1.877.792.8226 or email sales@advancedfiling.com
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