File carts make your work easier and help you achieve portable storage and organization.

File carts make it convenient for employees to work with large numbers of shelf file folders or hanging file folders, offering convenient access to information. Employees can wheel the file carts to their desk and place the files back where they belong when finished.
Businesses that require a lot of files to be removed and replaced often will benefit from the use of file carts and will typically see instant results through the use of them. They often pay for themselves in as little as a few months.

Select a mobile file cart or rolling file cart to help you stay organized. We offer different options: with or without locking doors, tambour door, different colors available.

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File Carts

File Transport Cart 1<br>Free shipping!
Code: FTC1
Price: Call 877.792.8226
File Transport Cart 2<br>Free shipping!
Code: FTC2
Price: Call 877.792.8226
File Transport Cart 3<br>Free shipping!
Code: FTC3
Price: Call 877.792.8226
Under-Counter Mini-Cart<br>Free shipping!
Code: FTC4
Price: Call 877.792.8226
X-Ray Transport Cart<br>Free shipping!
Code: XRTC
Price: Call 877.792.8226
File Cart w/ Locking Tambour Door<br>Free shipping!
Code: CFC-TD
Price: Call 877.792.8226
Deluxe Transport Cart w/o Locking Doors<br>Free shipping!
Code: DTC
Price: Call 877.792.8226
Deluxe Transport Cart w/Locking Doors<br>Free shipping!
Code: DTCD
Price: Call 877.792.8226